Organizing: How it works

Step 1:

During our initial consultation, we will start by looking at the space together and discussing your functional goals and personal style. I also start with an assessment of how items come into your home, how you relate to keeping and letting go of things, your personal (dis)organizational history, and related factors, like ADHD, depression, disability or any other issues that keep you from having an organized home.

Step 2:

Our work begins with sorting. Whether it's sorting through magazines and books to putting all your sweaters in a pile, we will begin by collecting and categorizing all the like things in that space. Sorting allows us to see exactly how much stuff you have and allows me to assess how much can be creatively and realistically stored in your home. During this sort we will also collaborate in the discovery of what makes organization hard for you, what you have already tried, and what you would like to achieve in our work together.

Step 3:

Next we will compare your belongings and space with your goals to create an action plan. Sometimes this means implementing a storage solution, finding a home for each object, or letting go of things to make space. Letting go of things that have been in your life for a long time can be difficult. I will help you navigate the complex attachments we have to determine what to keep and how to store it, and what items are no longer necessary in your life. Whenever possible, I reuse and re-purpose your belongings in unexpected ways, and recycle or donate items as appropriate. During this time we will also explore different skills and techniques to maintain your new functional space.

Step 4:

We will finish your project by redesigning your space to include better storage solutions and sustainable systems that will look great, improve your productivity, save you time cleaning or searching, and reduce battles with family. Through this experience with me, I hope that you gain insight into your disorganization, acquire practical and meaningful skills to help maintain an organized home, and feel great about what you have accomplished.