Sometimes you need to talk about it.


There could be many different reasons why there are piles of stuff accumulating around you. You might:

  • Be uncomfortable with open or empty spaces
  • Feel like everything you own might come in handy some day and getting rid of something means the loss of a potential project
  • Feel overwhelming anxiety or grief when you consider getting rid of something or when you try to make a decision about what to keep or how to organize your space
  • Feel comforted and safe surrounded by piles of stuff, each item a memory or a reminder and the thought of letting go of it all is unbearable
  • Experience a shopping high and despite not having space for more things, bring more and more into your home without the room to manage it
  • Lack the focus to complete a task or get easily sidetracked
  • See the beauty in all things

You have probably tried to manage your stuff and nothing seems to work. Perhaps you've enlisted help from a friend, family member or professional organizer and the experience was stressful, unproductive, felt intrusive and any progress quickly was lost to more clutter. Each failed attempt to tidy your space makes future attempts that much more scary and undesirable. Maybe you even feel hopeless.

This is when it's time to talk. You do not need to be alone in this struggle. I provide confidential in-home psychotherapy to address the emotional issues behind chronic disorganization, Hoarding Disorder and cluttering. My approach is gentle. I learn about who you are and how you feel about your stuff and your space. I respect that everyone has a unique relationship to their home and their possessions and I will not force anyone to get rid of something they aren't ready to discard.

Once we establish a trusting and comfortable relationship we can then begin to do hands-on exercises that will help build healthy skills to manage your space. We will identify triggers and problematic areas and address each one with patience, skill and compassion (both my compassion towards you and your compassion towards yourself!). I will be there with you to help identify your goals for your space, provide support when you feel anxious, and keep you focused on the task at hand.